Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This week as homework we had to write a story. This is my story. It is a Minecraft story.

Aah! why did I go on this mining trip oh that is right, to get diamond and red stone. So how did this  happen you ask after the scary night I opened my inventory, put on a full set of iron armor and put an enchanted diamond pickax in my hot bar as well as all the food in the village then set off to the mine. Still no sign of even single piece of red stone but I saw allot of iron ore eventually I fond on uncross-able and gigantic body of lava so I went back out of the mine and I saw two creepers and one exploded in my face and before the other exploded a skeleton wearing a pumpkin on it's face shot me with a bow and arrow and I died. When I re-spawned I almost fell into lava again.

If you want to see more of the posts I created I will be doing one almost every week