Monday, May 15, 2017

My favourite charity the SPCA and helping a cat

 This true story is set a year ago. My mum and I were worried about this cat: these are the reasons.
  1. She or he is skinny
  2. He or she was dsperate to eat
  3.  She or he looked like she had no owner
This is the slide I made for door knocking found cat. when we went door knocking we had no luck at finding her or his home. On Monday we set the trap and waited for what seemed like years but was most likely hours. She out smarted the trap a lot of times but we came up with the idea of a manual trap. We tied some fishing line to the trap door and hid behind our door. When she went in I pulled and caught the cat! At the SPCA we had to fill out some paper.

On the second week of the holidays we went to my grandma and grandpa's farm just like in my last holiday post. This time my cousins did not show up and we also went on eain's tractor,a while later I bunted my head on the tractor.

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