Monday, May 15, 2017

pbl starting point

Last week we started PBL and we did a lot of things to prepare. These are some of these things:

What I am interested in about our backyard.
(5 top things)
What do I know
(5 main facts)
What I want to know.
(5 best questions)
Project ideas (not final).
(3 ideas)
  • moa
  • harpy
  • Other extinc birds
  • dinasours
  • Extict mamls

  • Dinosaurs used to live in nz
  • Moa were killed by mostly human cousees
  • A flying africin bird is moas closted living relatif
  • Moas and harpys were not the only birds killed by humans
  • Birds are disendits of dinasours

  • What was the first animals to step foot on nz
  • what was the most comin animal in nz at the time of the moa
  • were was moa  alive in first?
  • how might life have grown  and arived on nz?

    • How could animals have grown so big

  • Probly Website using javascript
  • Mabey website using html
  • Probably not model of ancient nz in lots of different times

  •  links links links

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    1. these are very interesting questions and facts!!!!!!!!!!:)