Friday, June 16, 2017

Maori hand games

For Maori hand games I give myself a 8.3333/10. To get a higher score I'd have to get better at all because i was not perfect. The games I need to work on most are  E Hipi Toitoi and Te Tama Totama because I was slow to react.  I think the average of games i won was  about 0.2 but I  could be wrong , so that is some thing I want to work on next time.  I think I made a big improvement on my string games because I managed to make a bird/Eiffel tower (I could not no do this last year).


  1. Amazing work mac I like how gave your self a score on how you did.:)

  2. Awesome Mac! that work is amazing than anyone else work!!! I also like the way that you describe why you like Maori hand games.I also like the way that you tell me you can't do it last year,I like the way that you keep practise too!