Saturday, June 24, 2017

Maui Dolphins

This is my reading slide show:

Mind Lab Competition

For home work we had to do mine lab competition a I chose this video this here is my response.

bully story

for writing we had to do a leter to the bully or The day the bully stopped I chose the day the bully soped this is my work One day there was a new kid at school and he was a bully he bullied the kids he bullied the parents he even bullied the teachers three weeks later they problem had accelerated (in a bad way)there was no laughing (except for the bully) running (except for the bully) smiling (except for the bully) or reading not even the bully.

One thousand and one seconds later a new kid arrived everything went silent, the bully punched at the the new kid,the new kid flipped into the air and ripped of his shirt then he ripped of his pants and then rips his underpants out and his skin to reveal an alien life form.The alien life form was humanoid and had blue skin and four red eyes.

The alien life form got a fleet of ufos to attack the army that the bully hypnotised and brainwashed without hurting them the army that the bully hypnotised and brainwashed threw c4 and dynamite at the ufos unhipnostised and unbrainwashed the army that the bully hypnotised and brainwashed until everyone was back to normal the aliens  abducted the bully and reterned to planet gobslogdoffofestert8 111111111111111111111111 a planet 999999 light year away from the milky why.

888 years later the bully managed to escape on a ufo and returned to earth.when he arrived he washed 99 cars for $5 each and gave $495 to the school.

The end  for know...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Maori hand games

For Maori hand games I give myself a 8.3333/10. To get a higher score I'd have to get better at all because i was not perfect. The games I need to work on most are  E Hipi Toitoi and Te Tama Totama because I was slow to react.  I think the average of games i won was  about 0.2 but I  could be wrong , so that is some thing I want to work on next time.  I think I made a big improvement on my string games because I managed to make a bird/Eiffel tower (I could not no do this last year).