Friday, July 28, 2017

My Coding

here is a link to my tv add about coding check out more coding at my channel macrimuhb. I chose coding because I really like it.I like it so much I go to to coding classes one at lunchtime at school on wednesday and 1/2 an hour at hastings district libraries.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Carters Observatory

In the the holidays I went to Carters Observatory in Wellington. I went to the the black holes where you throw balls onto the table and the slops pull in the balls it was interesting.I estimated about 1000 forms of intelligent life that live on planets or moons using a computer. We also learnt about how without tars we would never have lived even with volcanoes. We also made a comet with dried ice ammonia alcohol Worcester sauce and dust.


My artefact is this google site about extinct animals of new zealand. My site is meant to inform people of the treasures that New Zealand once held. I made it using google sites. My main challenge was finding a way to make a website. I think my website is .749 job but I am planing on adding non nz animals in the holidays.I wish I could have done it with coding like javascript or python.


Matariki was fun.I did weaving, taonga, storytelling. Some of the highlights for me were weaving and taonga. Taonga was fun because we had a sheet to tell us what they meant so I had fun making sentences like nature is powerful using power and nature.weaving was fun and challenging because I got my fishtails and weavers mixed up but once I got it I was away weaving.I used my perseverance, making links and imaging muscles. I learnt about Maori symbols and weaving. In weaving I felt confused and in taonga I was feeling interested.
Here are some photos of me:

What was your favourite part of matariki

Sunday, July 23, 2017

brains on

Brans On is a science podcast and youtube channel where they investigate things like flatulence and insects. They also have discussions about which are better or if something is evil or misunderstood. Occasionally they have a mystery sound extravaganza where they have about 10 sounds you try and guess instead of 1 or 2.

mine craft

In the holidays me and my brother played minecraft in creative. We  made a slime and ghast house, nether biome and a statue. Here is video and photos:

here is the video about it