Monday, July 24, 2017


Matariki was fun.I did weaving, taonga, storytelling. Some of the highlights for me were weaving and taonga. Taonga was fun because we had a sheet to tell us what they meant so I had fun making sentences like nature is powerful using power and nature.weaving was fun and challenging because I got my fishtails and weavers mixed up but once I got it I was away weaving.I used my perseverance, making links and imaging muscles. I learnt about Maori symbols and weaving. In weaving I felt confused and in taonga I was feeling interested.
Here are some photos of me:

What was your favourite part of matariki


  1. good job mac iv never tryed weaveing is it fun?

  2. Wow mac I love your writing / description about Matariki
    I like how you have pictures showing how fun and enjoyable weaving can be.
    I also like how you have right at the bottom "What was your favourite part of Matariki" it makes me think back when we did Matariki. Keep it up Mac I am looking forward to more posts like the one that I have just read. =)

  3. Hi mac, it looks like you have had a good time . At the weaving option . And it also looks like you have put lot's of determination and perseverance into it. KEEP IT UP MAC!!!!!!!!!