Friday, May 27, 2016

quick write

I am proud of my quick write. This is the story

Once upon a time a person called Nowon lived in Wonkyland. He had never been to Wonkyland. He was excited.
The first thing he did was go on the trampoline . He jumped on to fresh air? "Be careful, do not stand on the clouds you might land on the sky scraper up there" said a little man pointing up. Nowan looked up and saw an upside down sky scraper. He was so shocked he ran into an elevator and got teleported to his house. "This is weird "said Nowon.

Monday, May 9, 2016

technology progrect

We have been doing a technology project. My idea is to improve the predator proof fence. We first had to come up with a main question. Mine was what native animals reproduce native plants in New Zealand? Then we had to research our question. Then we had to display on a slideshow or a poster. I chose a poster. Then we had to make a small model. I used a cardboard box to make my model but I did not finish mine. I was in the save group.