Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Colour Poem

Hi guys welcome back to my blog.  Rimu have been working on a colour poem, this is mine:

Red is the colour of an elegant sunset slowly disappearing into an eerie extent of black concealing the sun,
A beautiful but deadly flame dancing in the moonlight atop a hut of wood burning quietly into charcoal,

A pigment waiting patiently for 3 thousand years to be dug up with its microraptor host,

An elegant but relentless microraptor chasing a jaylong lizard quickly through the trees,

The blood from an unfortunate and small pterosaur gruesomely getting ripped apart inside a eoraptor's jaws,
A gleaming apple glistening in a tree waiting for the right moment to fall into the warm and comforting grass.   

Blue  is the colour of a cold wave enclosing the surfer.

I used my revising muscle to make this post.

If you want know what will be coming next It will probably my PBL(it will be similar to my passion project witch is also on my blog)


  1. Wow that is a great and explained post love the extra detail well done

  2. wow, what an amazing vocab

  3. I see you are good at changing colours, from red to blue. Good job Mac.

  4. The imagery you have created through your words is so powerful. I am really proud of you.

  5. wow like how you did it i have seen you been so absorbed in your learning well done

  6. This is an amazing blog post, Mac!
    I love your vocabulary that you used in your Colour Poem.
    It is such a cool colour red because there are very cool things you can right about with it.
    You definitely did a great job!
    Tu Meke work!