Friday, July 8, 2016

My reading task for Simon Tofeild

This is my reading task for Simon Toifeld. My favorite part was my animating. This animation is really funny. It is  about a kid who gets an f-in every subject but dreams about being smart. bad grad

The hardest part of my task was the biography because I did not find much information at the start. 

Simon Tofield is an animator who creates lots of animations called Simon's cat.
He has created lots of videos. his first video has had over 45 million views!
                        LIFE STORY
He had started animating when he was young inspired by cartoons.He has created flip books and at least 53 videos.   
                                KNOWN FOR
He has become famous for putting Simon’s cat videos on youtube. They are short and funny and determined.
He prefers to get to get inspiration from his cats but really likes to hear about fans and their pets.sometimes he gets some of his ideas from wildlife
His likes are cats, wildlife and painting/drawing.his cat's personality makes Simon's cat's personality.
His  four cats  are called Jess, Maisy, hugh and teddy.It takes around 12 and 25 drawings for a secand of one of his drawings. He creates almost all of his noises in his films. Simon’s cat has a goal and sometimes Simon’s cat succeeds at it    

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