Thursday, August 11, 2016

Making a robot called R1-T5

 We started to do robotics in Rimu hub, every one got into a group of two. I was in a group with Mya
Wallace.We started to make a robot (out of Lego). We made at least  3 mistakes on the first day,and managed to complete 16 steps (we are on step 17). Every one filled out a sheet and I think we did well.
We came up with the name  R1-T5 because our robot was RoboT 15. My favorite part was having a look at our mistakes(often it was because we had not used our noticing muscle enough to realise something). Another awesome thing is after a few steps trying to compere our robot to something else. On the second day I joined up with Finley and we started programing R1-T5. R1-T5 did lots of awesome things like reverse, stop on command and much much more.
Here are some pictures:


  1. Wow Mac! You are so lucky. I wish I got to make robots when I went to school. I like the name you gave your robot and I like the way you have expressed your learning in your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. grate work of making the robot.I like the name R1 T5.